Thursday, July 23, 2015

Villlage Model Advances in Clear Lake, California

An excerpt from the Lake County Record-Bee, by Bernice Quirino:
"With that in mind, Joel came across Tent City Urbanism and the tiny house movement, a model based on building accessible, sustainable and inexpensive homes as small as 60-square-feet in size, that’s gained moment in recent years.
More than just the “mission-style” shelters, where everyone is under the same roof, the Tent City Urbanism approach sets forth to create a village of tiny homes for those in need...
...After watching documentaries and reading articles about the cabin-like structures and the philosophy behind Tent City Urbanism, Joel got in his ‘72 Datsun wagon during spring break and drove north to Eugene, Oregon to spend four nights at Opportunity Village. 
What he found there was a flourishing example of the concept at work — a community of people living in 30 tiny, beautifully decorated homes...
...The LC Tiny Home Village group is ready to turn their ideas into actions. They have multiple committees that split up duties from land search to zoning and transition committees.
Most recently, they built a prototype that was featured in the Clearlake Fourth of July parade with the hopes of creating more momentum for the movement. Regular meetings are also being held with the next one taking place on July 30 in Lower Lake."

Read the full article at the Lake County Record-Bee
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  1. People who works there are some of the sweetest people I've met. Save yourself some time and just go there. Everyone at Chicago event venues is sweet and ask how you've been, even though normally staff keep their heads down.