Friday, April 10, 2015

Tiny House Co-op: popular concept presents zoning conundrum

An example from Alberta, Canada...

It turns out Ashley Baptiste wasn’t the only person excited about creating Alberta’s first tiny house community on a peaceful property east of Calgary. 
After posting an ad online more than two months ago, pitching the idea of a small home co-op on his 1.6-hectare property and asking would-be homeowners to get in touch, Baptiste was swamped with nearly 500 phone calls and e-mails. 
But, Baptiste said bylaws and zoning rules within Wheatland County, the municipal district where his land lies, could force an army of tiny home enthusiasts to move elsewhere.
Baptiste envisions renting out tiny plots on his land, lovingly named ‘Serenity Acres’. He wants to establish a community of a few small homes where families embrace a simpler lifestyle, neighbours know each other, and food is grown in a communal garden. 
“We got responses from all walks of life,” Baptiste said. 
“From retired single ladies, to young families, to handicapped people on AISH, as well as people that have the money that just want to live more sustainability.”
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  1. We've been working with Google & Abode Services (the bay areas premier homeless service provider) in Milpitas, California to get a tiny house community for the handicapped in San Jose, California developed and the city will not allow it.