Monday, December 1, 2014

The Village Collaborative Network

When OM Village had their ribbon cutting a couple a weeks ago, the story went viral, resulting in 100s of people asking "how do I start something like this?" and an explosion in the Village Collaborative Facebook Group—a group intended for those with an interest in creating tiny house communities as a sustainable way to address issues of affordable housing and homelessness. Here the common question became: "is anyone else in [insert city] interested in doing this?" As a result, the Village Collaborative Network was created. This map based network shown below allows individuals to connect with others on a similar pursuit, and also catalogs existing or in-the-works tiny house village projects. It illustrates the sheer mass of a growing movement.

Interested in starting a village in your town? Join the Village Collaborative Network here:

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  1. This is a nice effort by the local to get every come on a common platform. Share more stuff that help create world where people come and share resources.