Friday, August 22, 2014

The Movement is Growing

A flurry of media coverage the past few days on tiny house villages as a response to homelessness and the lack of affordable housing:

How Tiny House Villages Could Solve America's Homeless Epidemic - Inhabitat

"Could the tiny house phenomenon solve America’s homeless epidemic? Andrew Heben, urban planner and professional tiny house builder, says it can. His new book Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages explores the growing trend of American tent cities and how micro housing villages could transition people out of homelessness for good."

Tiny houses for homeless people? Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is 'infatuated' with the idea, advisor says - The Oregonian

"Portland is preparing to endorse the construction of communities of tiny houses on publicly owned land to get homeless people off the street and offer low-income residents safe, clean and cheap places to live. Josh Alpert, Mayor Charlie Hales' director of strategic initiatives said the question isn't whether the so-called micro-communities will happen, but when. Tiny houses offer a cheap and replicable method of trying to address the city's nagging homelessness problem, Alpert said. 'Let's figure it out.'"

Prototype by TECHDWELL being considered in Portland

Tiny houses aim to help homeless - USA Today

"Tiny houses are getting attention recently as a solution to chronic homelessness. They can be built relatively quickly and for minimum cost, but can have a big impact on the life of someone struggling with a lack of stable housing"

Tiny houses as affordable housing? Austin beats Portland to punch, Eugene follows suit - The Oregonian

"In the Northwest, Portland's Dignity Village is often cited as the torchbearer of tent cities evolving into more permanent communities. But a decade after that experiment first took root in Northeast Portland, Austin and a handful of other cities are taking concrete steps to move beyond tent cities and transitional housing developments to a more permanent community-based approach."

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