Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Development at Opportunity Village

The village has been open for three months now and we are currently housing 27 people in 22 units.  This citizen-driven initiative has all been done for under $70,000 with no government funding.  That deserves a big thanks to the generosity of our local community here in Eugene, Oregon!

I thought I would provide a little tour of some of the development that has been going on:

The Front Office just inside the gate, which is self-managed
by the villagers.  
A conestoga huts with one of our first residents just before
transitioning to more permanent housing.

A completed 8'x8' bungalow.
The micro-BathHouse under construction, which will
include two toilets, two sinks, a shower, water heater,
and washer and dryer - all in 112 sq. ft.
We built a 30' wide yurt for meetings and events.

...and it has heat!  Some villagers and volunteers enjoying
the warmth from our newly installed pellet stove

We're getting there...


  1. It's funny because not only was this probably done far better than the government could have ever done it, but if the government were tasked with it, it would still be in the planning stages today (in 2016).

    Well done!

    Fred | devlux

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