Friday, September 6, 2013

Opportunity Village: Up and Running

The village is up and running with the first dozen residents moved in.  Village residents, generous volunteers, and skilled builders have worked together to build seven dwellings so far (5 bungalows and 2 conestogas).  Some initial villagers are still in tents until the next few can get built.  There was also a front office built at the gate that is currently being staffed and managed by residents and volunteers.  A 20'x20' covered area has been erected to accommodate initial shared meals and village meetings.  To finish phase 1 of the plan, seven more dwellings will soon be built or moved to the village along with a food storage pantry that will eventually evolve into a full functioning indoor/outdoor kitchen.

The village will eventually grow to as many as 45 residents in up to 30 dwellings, but we are starting with a core group of residents who have been meeting twice a week during the months leading up to the opening of the village.  The core group started at 17 members and was wittled down to 12 for various reasons, with 2 finding more permanent housing before the village even opened.  This process allowed for the creation a social foundation for the village prior to opening.

See more photos of the first Big Build at Opportunity Village.  In just 8 hours, we built 5 micro-homes, 10 raised garden beds, and dug a 200 ft. trench at 2 ft. deep to run our water line.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Opportunity Village: for and by the homeless

I recently had an article published by the Global Urbanist that summarizes the project I have been posting about titled:

"Opportunity Village: for and by the homeless"