Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Conestoga Hut

The Conestoga hut is capturing the heart of Eugene!  Lately I’ve been spending quite a bit of time over at the Tine Hive where we’ve been building a prototype, setting up a space to intake material donations, and getting ready to organize work sessions where volunteers will collaborate to build dozens of these little huts.  This is the beginnings of a larger effort that we are calling Community Supported Shelters.
This 6 by 10 foot shelter can be built for around $300-$600 depending on the utilization of re-used or donated materials.  While this is a similar price to a quality tent, the Conestoga makes significant improvements upon the tent – most notably a highly insulated and lockable space – while minimizing the cost, skill and labor required by a more conventional, four-walled structure. 
There are four components to a Conestoga hut: a basic 6 by 10 foot insulated floor, two solid, insulated walls in the front and back, and a metal wire roof that is curved to connect to the long sides of the floor.  The roofing frame is then covered with insulation and outdoor vinyl that is attached to the base of the structure.