Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camp Take Notice: Evicted

After nearly three years at the site off Wagner Road, the organized tent city known as Camp Take Notice in Ann Arbor was evicted by Michigan Department of Transportation.

The article fails to mention they'd been there for nearly three years, had long standing relationships with MDOT, city officials, and the police to try to work out a legal option, and that the subsidies cover less than half of the people that were staying there.  The subsidies, which will house around 30 people for one year, are very short-term solutions that will cost around half a million dollars.  The fence being constructed will cost nearly $20,000 and offers no solutions other than keeping people out of unused space.

Read the full story on the history of Camp Take Notice.

What is next for the Camp Take Notice experiment?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Introducing Opportunity Village

Lately I have been applying the comprehensive research found on this page to a local project in my current city of Eugene, Oregon.  The project has evolved out of the Occupy camp that drew significant attention to the city's unhoused population.  After the camp was shut down the city formed a task force to find "new and innovative" ways to deal with the issue.  Since then a team has been meeting regularly to develop a vision for what we are calling Opportunity Village.  The project aims to learn from the best practices of various organized tent cities in order to create the most progressive model in the country.