Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seattle's Nickelsville

I recently visited "Nickelsville" while in Seattle and received quite a warm welcome.   This organized tent city is completely self run.  The camp has relocated to around a dozen sites only to return to its original location where the group has finally found some stability.  While it is not formally recognized by the city, Mayor McGinn has said he will not seek eviction of this refuge in the middle of the city's industrial district.

An existing resident helps a newcomer secure dry shelter (center) while another resident completes a security check.  All are expected to attend weekly meetings and a certain number of credits are required where each resident contributes back to the village.
Residents improve conditions of living in a tent by using two layers of pallet boards to lift it off the ground and covering it with an outer tarp shell.
Child playing amongst the tents. 
And pet cats too!