Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update from the Occupation

Today we posted the sign for Right 2 Dream Too (R2D2) that illustrates a future vision for the community located in downtown Portland.  Afterwards, I headed over to Occupy Portland site to find some new activity.

"Power to the tents, power to the tents!" the people cried as the Occupy Portland movement expanded to the adjacent Terry Schrunk Plaza. "People in tents are people too!" While two square blocks of the city had already been packed with tents for the past two weeks, this was different - this was federal land.

The area was swarming with the Portland Police Department as well as Homeland Security, keeping the American people safe from themselves.

This expansion was imperative.  The city had already succeeded Chapman and Lownsdale Square to the occupiers, but the protest seemed to be stagnating and losing momentum.

While more and more tents continued to be erected in the space Michael Moore arrived on the scene, which really electrified the crowd.  Moore said that of all the Occupation protests he has visited, Portland is the largest he has seen.

The previous day demonstrators had taken to the Pearl District's Jamison Square.  Twenty-seven arrests were made when Mayor Sam Adams and the police decided to enforce the city's anti-camping ordinance in this instance.

Ray Whitehouse, The Oregonian

Videos to be posted soon...


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