Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip 1: Midwest and Southeast

Over the past few weeks I was able to visit four different tent cities throughout the United States. My stops included:

"Camp Take Notice" - Ann Arbor, Michigan
A tent city on state land that is in the process of organizing after being relocated several times.

"Tent City" - Nashville, Tennessee
A joint commission in the planning stages after the long standing, unofficial tent city was destroyed by a flood.

"Tent City" - Athens, Georgia
A small group of built structures on state land that has been left alone by local authorities.

"Pinellas Hope" - St. Petersburg, Florida
A tent city formed by religious organizations after an informal one was removed by the police.

I plan on adding a series of pages that will include descriptions, observations, photos and videos of each of my site visits.

Below is a map of my trip with some details on each of the stops (red markers reflect previous locations while green markers are the current locations).

View Trip 1: Midwest and Southeast in a larger map

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